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To help offset the cost of production and printing of our Annual, we invite support in the form of advertising space for sale in An Colmánach.  Aware of the current financial climate, we are offering very competitive and realistic advertising rates. The circulation of the magazine has been excellent for the last two years, selling to the student population and their families as well as to the staff and their families. The Colmánach will also be made available through the Past Pupils' Network. and copies of the magazine will be circulated for sale in selected newsagents, petrol stations etc in a 25 km radius of the College. Copies of An Colmánach have been received in many countries abroad and has also been presented to dignitaries and celebrities.  The publication is being regarded as a memento / keepsake as indeed were all previous editions. Therefore the advertising potential is quite extensive as well as very long lasting.  Later each year we include advertising spaces on this website for some of our partners and extracts from the magazine (including the adverts) are made available as downloads from the archive pages of the site. Our printed advert rates are shown on the right and we also include a free twelve month banner advert on our website for all full page adverts received. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Advertising & Sales sales@colmanach.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Web www.colmanach.com